Orders and Shipping

How to Order:

1. E-mail Marvin Harding at Marvinh@grundyec.net    or call 660-872-6870 with your order and we will get right back to you with your order price.

2. Print off the order form HERE and fill it in. We do require a 50% minimum deposit to put your name on the list. The rest is due anytime before your final shipping date which we will e-mail to you prior to shipping. All other dates are tentative and may be moved up or back.

Click Here for Order Form

3. Call either (660) 872 – 6870 (Marvin) or (660) 872 – 6746 (Everett) . Please leave a message if no one is able to field your call at that time. We will call you back to handle your order.


Delivery Dates:

Orders are taken on a first paid, first served basis. Please call or e-mail for available shipping dates for eggs and chicks. Mature birds are typically available all year. The best strategy for ordering is to order at least 30 days before your desired delivery date.


Method of payment:

We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), Check or Money Order. When paying by credit card we do charge the whole order amount upon our receipt of the order unless requested otherwise.



We DO NOT ship COD. We do require 50% minimum non-refundable deposit before you can go on the shipping list. The rest of the bill is due anytime before your final shipping date which we will e-mail to you prior to shipping. Full payment is required in advance on all orders before shipping date.


All loss claims are the responsibility of the carrier. If your shipment arrives damaged you must start a claim immediately at the post office. We insure all shipments for 100% of their value through the post office and any claim must be done by the post office where the eggs where sent to. Please check your orders before you leave the post office, this will speed up any claim process. We do not guarantee the hatchability of eggs.



All shipping charges are paid by the customer. All orders are filled with a 5% overrun of the order to compensate for small losses that may occur during shipment. Arrangements may be made for customer pickup of ANY size order. No shipping charges for orders that are picked up.


Shipping Charges:


USPS Priority Mail Two Day Delivery.

  • You can pick up the eggs at your local post office as soon as they arrive. DO INSPECT IMMEDIATELY when you receive the eggs as all claims must be started by our customers BEFORE YOU LEAVE the post office with the order. We will call or email to notify you when to expect them. Shipping on eggs is $35 per box. We will put up to 1000 Quail or 360 Pheasant eggs per box. We can ship any day of the week


Day-old Chicks

Pick up at farm only

Customer Pickup

You may arrange to pick up any order (eggs, chicks or mature birds). There is no shipping charge on orders that are picked up. However there may be a small charge for containers if we provide them. Orders may be picked up any day of the week. Please call ahead.

Delivery by Truck

We will deliver any order of mature birds within a radius of about 200 miles from Bethany, Missouri. Shipping by truck is $0.50 per loaded mile. Deliveries can be made any day of the week.

If you have any questions or comments we encourage you to email us at Harding Gamebirds or call us.