Gamebird Hunting- Pheasant, Chucker or Quail

Quail Hunting Trips in MissouriWe hold gamebird hunts September 1 – Feb 28 on our Northwest Missouri Gamebird Farm for our Ringneck Pheasants, Chukars and Bobwhite Quail. We also have Missouri Whitetail Deer Hunting and wild Missouri Turkey Hunting available during regular Missouri hunting seasons. During hunts you will have the run of our hunting preserve areas to hunt Pheasant, Chukars, and Quail and train your dog(s) as you please. We do offer hunts any way that you want them. You can hunt gamebirds all day long if desired. There is no bag limit on Pheasant, Chucker or Quail. We do try to meet everyone’s individual hunting party needs as long as they are reasonable (we can’t supply bird dogs for everyone in a hunting party of 100). Whether you need to relax in the great outdoors, need more practice shooting or helping a beginner get started. We offer a wide array of hunting opportunities that you and all of your hunting buddies will love. We offer some of the lowest prices with no gun charges and no per person charges, we charge only for the birds you want released. Our Pheasant, Chukar and Quail are excellent birds and are flight conditioned to be exceptional flyers to give you a great hunt. Our game bird hunts will make you want to come back again and again. Whether it is Ringneck Pheasant, Chukar or Bobwhite Quail hunting, we have the right hunt for you. Our gamebird preserve is 1000 acres, consisting largely of open CRP fields, perfect for Ringneck Pheasants, Chukars, and Bobwhite Quail hunts. In the Gamebird Preserve area there are open fields with fence lines, food plots, ditches with some brush, a few brush piles and some standing timber (hunting quail in and around timber offers a larger challenge for those seeking it). Quail Hunting in MissouriSome hunters like the steady rhythm of flushing out Pheasant, Chukar, or Quail one by one which is excellent for training a birddog by smelling only one or two. Others love the excitement they feel when a covey of 10 or 20 break loose in front of them. If seeing a large covey appear in front of you doesn’t get a beginners juices flowing nothing will. Many hunters enjoy the open CRP fields where they can have clear and open shots of Pheasant, Chukars and Quail with no obstacles in their way. Some hunters live for the challenges of ditch walking or brush hunting where small trees and limbs may temporarily block an easy shot. Because of our unique hunting area we can provide many different types of challenges for you and your dog if desired. We pride ourselves on our level of service, quality Ringneck Pheasants, Chukars, and Bobwhite Quail, competitive prices and memorable hunts. Our gamebird preserve hunts consists mainly of a mixture of both male and female birds so that the gamebirds not shot will have a chance to populate in the wild, enhancing future hunts for all. On our Pheasant, Chukars and Quail Preserve hens are legal to shoot as we are not a hunting club or organization but a preserve. We are happy to answer any of your questions and comments about our hunts and our hunting areas.


Released Pheasant, Chukars & Quail Hunts From September 1st To Feb 28th. We prefer you bring your own dogs. We do have dogs and handlers available $80.00 for ½ day. You tell us how many you want released at the below prices. We also have 3 consecutive day Missouri preserve hunting license on hand for $5.00 or a year Missouri preserve permits good from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 for $10.00, if you do not have a Missouri small game hunting license.

We will be booking new hunts starting August 1, 2022 with hunting starting September 1, 2022. 


Monday – Friday days

10 Pheasants for $180.00 – additional $18.00 each

15 Chukars for $195.00 – additional $13.00 each

20 Quail for $200.00 – additional $10.00 each

May mix other birds after reaching volume numbers of one of the species


15 Pheasants for $270.00 additional $18.00 each

20 Chukars for $260.00 additional $13.00 each

25 Quail for $250.00 – additional $10.00 each

May mix other birds at after reaching volume numbers of one of the species

If you want less than the amount above then you tell us how many at:

$22.00 per Pheasant

$16.00 per Chukar

$12.00 Quail

Rule changes that appear in the Missouri Wildlife Code, which should be available by mid-February, become effective March 1 and are highlighted in this summary. Hunters, are responsible for understanding the regulations before venturing a field. This is a great place to hunt for beginners and experts alike so give us a try. Thank you. As we do get really busy during the winter with hunts please call well ahead of time to insure we will have room for your hunting party on the day you want to come. You can contact us via our form or give us a call at any of the numbers below, we will be happy to answer any questions or comments. Missouri Conservation website: You can also purchase your permit on line at: or our local Walmart in Bethany (10 minutes from our preserve) for deer and turkey.