Deer & Turkey Hunting Info

Harding Gamebirds Archery & Rifle Deer Information

**2021 Deer Hunts Are All Booked

Since we are located in the heart of the Midwest in Northwest Missouri, we have some of the best Whitetail Missouri bow and rifle Deer and wild Missouri Turkey hunting available. Our family has lived and hunted this land for over 100 years. We own or control over 5,000 acres of the most desirable archery and rifle deer and turkey land. We have hardwood timber consisting of mature hickory, oak and walnut trees for Missouri Turkey to roost in and Missouri whitetail Deer to roam through. On our hunting acres we also have open crop fields of corn and soybeans, CRP fields, pastures and hay ground with some draws and combinations of the above. We have food plots set out that the Whitetail Deer and wild Turkeys run in every day. Whitetail Missouri Deer and wild Missouri Turkey can be seen daily on our land which is solely reserved for our hunters. We spread our hunters out and limit the number of hunters we take so everyone has plenty of room to move around in their area. We pride ourselves on our level of service, quality Whitetail Deer and wild turkey, competitive prices and memorable hunts. Our hunts will make you want to come back again and again. Whether it is archery or rifle Whitetail Deer or wild Turkey hunting we have the right hunt for you. Our archery deer hunts consist of 6 day hunts starting on Saturdays of each week and ending on Thursdays with Friday used to move in to scout area and get set up or take stands down after the hunt. The archery deer hunts consist of 1 buck, 1 doe, and 2 turkeys. The rifle season consist of one buck or doe.

All hunts are semi guided; we will give you maps of your area, take you there and tell you about where we have been getting pictures of deer/turkeys in the area. From there hunters transport themselves to and from the managed property and make tree stand adjustments as deer movements dictates. It is important that you bring a portable tree stand with you so you can adjust to deer movement. We have a heated faculty to clean deer and will help you get your deer out of the timber. We also have a processing facility within 3 miles for those who prefer to have them process you meat. This is truly a hunter’s paradise. We have several hotels 10 minutes away, several restaurants and fast food places that are located just 3 miles off of I-35 interstate. They do get booked fast during hunting season, so plan early. Let us know what we can do; we will work with you to try and make your hunt dates work for you! $400 deposits required to hold dates: We do have a four point on at least one side point restriction in our county. Our hunts are: 2020

Archery Hunts

Hunt # Date Price Availability
Archery Hunt #1 Sept 15 – Sept 21 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #2 Sept 22 – Sept 28 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #3 Sept 29 – Oct 05 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #4 Oct 06 – Oct 12 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #5 Oct 13 – Oct 19 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #6 Oct 20 – Oct 26 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #7 Oct 27 – Nov 02 $1,500 Open
Archery Hunt #8 Nov 03 – Nov 15 $1500 Open
Archery Hunt #9 Nov 21 – Nov 30 $900 Open
Archery Hunt #10 Dec 01 – Dec 07 $900 Open
Archery Hunt #11 Dec 08 – Dec 14 $900 Open
Archery Hunt #12 Dec 15 – Dec 21 $900 Open
Archery Hunt #13 Christmas No Archery Hunts Close
Archery Hunt #14 Dec 29 – Jan 04 $900 Open
Archery Hunt #15 Jan 05 – Jan 15 $900 Open

Rifle Hunts

Hunt # Date Price Availability
Rifle Hunt #1 Nov 14 – 18 $1,500 Full 2020
Rifle Hunt #2 Nov 19 – 24 $1,500 Open
Rifle Antlerless Hunt Dec 4 – Dec 6 $500 Open

2021 Spring Rifle Turkey Hunts

Hunts include 4 consecutive days of turkey hunting on private land. Two male turkeys or turkeys with visible beard may be taken during the season, with the following restrictions:

  • You may take only one turkey during the first week
  • If you do not take one during the first week, then you may take two turkeys during the second and third week. $500 and another $100 if you want to try to shoot a second turkey.
  • You may not take two turkeys on the same day.

Dates have not been set yet

2021 Fall Rifle Turkey Hunts

Hunts include 4 consecutive days of turkey hunting on private land at $500. A second bird can be taken for an additional fee of $100 paid. You may shoot 2 bird of either sex, both  may be taken on the same day per Missouri state law. for more information.



Turkey Hunts

Oct 1-31  Fall